10 Best Wall Paint Ideas To Boost Your Mood


Wall paint is the easiest way to commute the look of your home. In addition to beautifying the room, choosing the right paint color is proven to be effective in increasing creativity and keeping your mood. It doesn’t have to be expensive to obtain the décor you want, do you want to bring your favorite color? or commute the house according to your personality? wall paint will do it perfectly.

Some wall paint colors can be a mood-setter, moreover, choosing the right color can also add aesthetic value that gives a calming effect. That’s why you need to select the top wall paint color to obtain a positive atmosphere throughout the day. Believe it or not, the right paint color can enhance and develop mood.

If you want comfort in the aesthetic style of the interior, check out our list of 10 wall paint colors to inspire today!

1. White Paint


White has always been the Trendy popular wall color of all time. This color is timeless, and never makes us feel bored. A white room will give the impression of being calm, spacious, and symbolizing purity.

2. Mint Green Paint


Mint green color is able to give a relaxed, cool and calming atmosphere. That’s why this color is very suitable to be applied to the bedroom which helps you sleep better. At first glance, this color is similar to bright blue so that it gives a fresh atmosphere to the room.

3. Navy Blue Paint


Bring a cool and cool impression into the room by choosing navy blue paint. Combine it with furniture made from natural materials such as a wardrobe or wooden table set to obtain an elegant impression. Even though this color feels dark, you can mix it with other colors like white or brown to create a more luxurious character.

4. Light Blue Paint


If you like a bright and bright look in a room, then bright blue can enhance a better mood. This color symbolizes productivity, creativity, and gives peace to anyone in the room.

5. Soft Pink Paint


Both symbolize a feminine impression, but this soft pink paint is produced from a combination of red and white. The color is synonymous with sweetness, romance, and sensitivity so it is suitable for women. In addition, this color can also affect the atmosphere such as giving a positive, soft, and calming impression.

6. Brown Paint


Brown belongs to the category of neutral and natural colors. This color also symbolizes stability and warmth so that the wearer will feel calm all day long. Choose this color for the bedroom that gives a warm feel that can increase comfort.

7. Lilac Paint


Lilac is now the Trendy popular color this year. This color gives a sense of peace and calm, so it is suitable for calm personalities. Combine this color with other colors such as gray and white so it doesn’t seem boring.

8. Black Paint


Black wall paint can make a room more elegant, cool, and dramatic, making it suitable for use in the bedroom. If you need a quiet and undisturbed sleep atmosphere, then the choice of black wall paint is the top idea. Give enough lighting to the room, then combine it with furniture with the same nuance.

9. Yellow Paint


Black wall paint will make any room feel brighter and cheerful. This color will increase energy and maintain a positive mood throughout the day. The yellow color can be applied to any room such as the living room, bedroom, dining room, even kitchen.

10. Light Gray Paint


In addition to white, light gray is a neutral color that makes a calmer mood. You can apply this wall paint to the living room or family room. Like Trendy neutrals, light gray pairs perfectly with white accents for a minimalist design.

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