Does Canada Goose Go On Sale? Here’s What You Need To Know

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If you are trying to find the top winter coats then you may have thought about getting a Canada Goose coat and wondered, does Canada Goose go on sale? We’ve got all the answers you need to cognize.

This famous winter gear brand began life as ‘Metro Sportswear Ltd’ and was founded in 1957 by Sam Tick, creating practical outerwear. Metro Sportswear Ltd began to produce down-filled coats for Canadian government agencies and it wasn’t until the early 1990s that coats began to be sold in Europe under the name of Canada Goose.

Nowadays, Canada Goose is a popular brand known for good quality cold-weather coats, jackets, and other winter accessories. If you live in a cold climate, chances are you have heard of and considered purchasing a Canada Goose coat to keep you warm through the winter.

The Canadian brand has spent years developing some of the top winter coats that can stand extreme cold, winds, and snow so you are guaranteed to keep lovely and warm throughout the winter month. Also, Canada Goose products are known to stand the test of time, so if you do buy one, you cognize it will serve you well for many winters to arrive.  

Due to the high-quality production of coats and the expensive materials used, Canada Goose products are pretty pricey and their larger coats and parkas in particular are definitely investment pieces.

If you do have your eye on a Canada Goose coat or jacket, then you may be wondering, does Canada Goose go on sale?. Well, we’ve got all the information you need to answer that question.

Does Canada Goose Go On sale?

In short, no, Canada Goose never goes on sale. This means there are no Black Friday or Cyber Monday Canada Goose sales, these price tag you see now is the lowest price you are going to pay. Also, as with many luxury and high-end brands, prices of products often increase due to inflation and raw material prices so right now is the top time to buy a Canada Goose item as the price is likely to increase in the future.

If you are buying a Canada Goose parka or jacket through an authorized retailer, then there should never be any sale prices or discounts – if you do see some sort of discounted price, there is a good chance that these are counterfeit Canada Goose products and not the genuine deal.

Canada Goose CEO Dani Reiss has explained that there is a lot of workmanship and expertise that goes into manufacturing their high-quality winter gear so they are never going to reduce the price in a sale. This is a strict no-sale policy that is never going to commute, Reiss has explained, so don’t expect to see a Canada Goose sale in the future either.

With this said, you can still obtain Canada Goose products at a discount. For example, Net-A-Porter offers -10% and Bergdorf Goodman -15% to modern customers who sign up to their e-mail list, so make sure to check out their offerings if you want to save a bit of money.

Similarly, if you use American Express, make sure to check your Amex app for members’ discounts across various retailers – Net-A-Porter is often included in the list, so you may be able to obtain an additional discount on top of the initial -10% that comes with the newsletter subscription.

Alternatively, there are other cold-weather outerwear manufacturers, such as North Face, that sell similar styles to the Canada Goose style coats without such a high price tag, but this does mean they are often not going to be produced to the same high, weatherproof standard.

Canada Goose products are incredible for a reason – they are such high quality that you cognize you are going to keep warm, whatever the weather for years and years to arrive. If you live somewhere with cold or harsh winters, then it is probably worth spending a small more on a Canada Goose coat as you will obtain lots of use out of it and it will mean you don’t freeze in minus temperatures!

Our Top Picks from Canada Goose

There are loads of incredible products and warm weather gear on propose from Canada Goose, so it really just depends on your budget and what sort of coat, jacket, or winter accessories you are looking for as to what you should go for.

We brought together some of our favorite items from a range of different Canada Goose collections, so you can obtain an idea of what pieces you would like!

1. Parkas

Canada Goose Parkas are perhaps what the luxury brand is top known for. There are lots of different versions so you can find one that suits your style and the cold weather you have to deal with each year.

The Canada Goose Merrit Thermal Parka is a signature of the brand – super stylish and super warm! This high quality coat will protect you from the extreme cold and snow with its thermal hood, storm cuffs that wrap around your hands, and a long, thigh-length hem.

In terms of practicality, there are reflective strips so you can be seen in the dark and backpack straps for hands-free carrying. This incredible coat will keep you lovely and warm for years and years to arrive!

The Canadian brand also offers the Shelburne Parka with Fur Hood – another top winter coat for those of you who abandon in regions that suffer from very cold winters. This parka is filled with white goose down to ensure maximum warmth, as it can endure daily temperatures of 5 to -13 degrees Fahrenheit (or -15 to -25 degrees Celcius).

This coat does have a natural coyote fur ruff for extra protection against cold winds, but as this coat uses animal fur, it may not be the coat for everyone – if so the Merritt Thermal Parka is a great alternative that is fur-free.

2. Jackets

If you are looking for a winter jacket, then Canada Goose of course has some astonishing options – whatever your style and whatever weather you have to deal with.

One of the warmest jackets is the McKenna belted Performance Satin down jacket, and it looks so stylish too! The performance satin made by Canada Goose looks and feels luxurious but is durable and water-repellent as well.

The hood is detachable to the jacket and can be changed to suit the weather or your location, and the belt helps keep you warm and cinches in the waist, so you are always chic and sophisticated.

For something a small longer to stop any wind chill around the legs then the Belcarra jacket is great. This is the ideal jacket to take you through those transitional months, with its adjustable hood and sleeves, a drawcord waist, and reflective strips.

The coat also has hand pockets as well as an inside pocket, a zip closure, and a storm flap to guarantee wind protection. One more great thing about this coat is that it can just be thrown in the washing machine!

3. Baselayers

If you live in really cold climates or you are looking to add a small extra warmth to a more formal coat, then these base layers from Canada Goose are just the items you need in your wardrobe.

The Hybridge Lite Down Hoody Jacket can be worn alone or with another jacket thrown on top. The lightweight aspect of this jacket means it is great for layering, is so flexible, and is ideal for packing into a suitcase or rucksack.

The front has a two-way zip, two pockets at chest height, and two pockets at the waist, while the sleeves are fitted with a thumbhole for top-quality performance. The jacket is filled with Hutterite white goose down, and as always, made in Canada.

This Hybridge Base Jacket is great to layer up with other warm coats to guarantee you never obtain cold and increase the versatility and wearability of all the coats in your wardrobe.

Filled with white duck down, this jacket has a slender fit silhouette so it can fit under other coats, and knit panels at movement and flex points so you always have enough stretch and a full range of movements. The interior pockets and lower zip pockets keep your hands warm and mean you can keep important items secure.

4. Winter Accessories

It’s not just incredible coats that are on propose from Canada Goose, but also a whole range of winter accessories.

These Touchscreen Compatible Leather Gloves from Canada Goose keep your hands warm and won’t stop you from doing anything with their touchscreen compatibility.

Made from sheepskin leather, these sleek black gloves are a timeless classic that will match any winter coat you select to wear. The soft cuffs also fit snugly around your wrist, so your hands are always cozy and warm.

Everyone needs a cozy yet stylish beanie and this Canada Goose Tech Toque wool beanie is just great. The beanie is crafted from wool and is a fold-over silhouette to keep your ears extra warm – plus, there is a thermal interior to guarantee protection from snow and wind.

The fluffy pompom and appliqué Canada Goose logo ensure this beanie looks super stylish as well as keeps you warm.

We anticipate you found this article answering the question, does Canada Goose go on sale, helpful! For more luxury fashion content, check out the links below.

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