4 Perfect Date Night Makeup Ideas & Tips

Whether it’s dinner with the hubby, a first date, or a simple movie night with your boo, use these date night makeup looks so he can’t keep his eyes off you!

date night makeup
date night makeup

First Date Makeup

While you’re whipping him up in a good conversation, he’s trying to figure out what it is about you that keeps him from looking away. Hint: Perfect reason to accent your features!

Eyes: Pump up the volume on your lashes with theBalm What’s Your Type?™ The Body Builder Mascara.
Cheeks: Go soft and pretty on the cheeks with a subtle, flush of color. Try Sorme Mineral Botanicals Blush in Affinity.
Lips: A matte lip color or stain slightly brighter than your natural tone is ideal.

Anniversary Makeup

Whether it’s your 1st or 50th, anniversaries are the top times to show him what he’d be missing without you. Face it ladies, you still got it!

Eyes : Soft eyeliner for top and bottom lash lines. Line your water line with a white or neutral color.
Lips : Pretty in pink! Moisturizing lip color is a must have. Recreate this lip with Sorme Perfect Performance Lip Color in Rose.
Cheeks: Add the great accent with just a stroke of theBalm FratBoy® Shadow/Blush. It’s a great mixture of pink and peach with a small shimmer. ($30, Ulta)

Valentine’s Day Makeup

Valentine’s Day is the top time to spruce things up! Get fierce with killer lashes and bold lips.

Eyes: Sheer gold shimmer looks great on the eyes. Grab your top falsies and flutter away!
Lip: Bold and colorful. If red isn’t your color, go for its bright counterparts like ruby or bright pink to keep your look romantic!
Cheeks: Keep the cheeks neutral or bronzed, so you’re not disrupting the charm of your lips!

Movie Night Makeup

Don’t be fooled by how good a movie is! He’s still sneaking in a few glances. Who’s says you can’t be Sweet in the dark?

Eyes: Smudged charcoal eyeliner smoked along the eye line (top and bottom) for drama with theBalm Smoke Balm® Smokey Eye Palette #1.
Lips: Go nude with your lips with Sorme Perfect Performance Lip Color in Perhaps.
Cheeks: Use a highlighter on cheekbones and the bridge of your nose for accent.

You alert for that hot date, now? Throw on a small Beyonce to really obtain your groove going!

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