Why Is Gucci So Expensive? These Are The 7 Key Reasons

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The price tags on Gucci products are pretty high, but why is this? We’ve got all the information you need to answer the question, why is Gucci so expensive?

As one of the top luxury brands in the world, Gucci has created some stunning handbags, luxurious shoes, cutting-edge alert-to-wear collections, and lovely fashion accessories that are all so irresistible.

Some Gucci bags are must-haves in your collection, while Gucci shoes, including the Jordaan loafers, are so versatile and would fit perfectly into any wardrobe.

If you do have your eye on a few Gucci items that you just love, then you may be wondering why they have high prices. This article is going to explore the multiple reasons why Gucci is so expensive and then suggest a few items that are worth the high price tag.

Why is Gucci so expensive?

1. Heritage and History

Firstly, Gucci can charge more for their luxury goods because of their long history of quality design and celebrity customers. Gucci was founded in 1921 by Guccio Gucci and so for the past 100 years, the fashion house has been creating top-quality goods that have been beloved by the wealthiest in society and many famous celebrities.

The brand’s wealthy heritage has meant that it has built up a reputation associated with high status and luxury items. Gucci has spent such a long time making luxury items, perfecting the materials and designs so you can trust that these products will be of the highest quality.

The Italian brand has had many famous customers over the years, including Grace Kelly and Elizabeth Taylor, while some have even had luxury items named after them – including The Diana bag after Princess Diana and The Jackie 1961 bag after Jackie Kennedy.

This association with celebrities has only increased the desirability of Gucci products, as more and more people want to obtain their hands on an accessory that Jackie Kennedy or Grace Kelly was seen wearing.

This has continued into the 21st century with Jared Leto, Dakota Johnson, Diane Keaton, and Harry Styles, all often seen wearing creative director Alessandro Michele’s Gucci designs and subsequently influencing more people to buy Gucci products.

2. Materials

Gucci uses very high-quality materials and fabrics in their designs, which cost a lot of money and therefore increase the price of Gucci products. Calfskin and lambskin leathers are often used in Gucci bags and shoes, and since these are high-quality raw materials, its costs a lot to craft leather goods from these materials.

This expensive brand also uses exotic skins such as python, crocodile, and alligator skins in their design, which obviously have a high price because they are much rarer than other types of leather.

The hardware and embellishments that decorate Gucci products, such as gold-toned metals, bamboo handles, and crystal and glass beading also cause the price to increase even further.

3. Craftsmanship and quality control

As a high-end brand, Gucci is known for its top craftsmanship and rigorous quality control which means these items cost a higher price to make. Most Gucci items are made in Italy by highly trained craftsmen and women to ensure that all products are made to the highest standard.

Also, all Gucci pieces go through a quality control check – this is an extra step that not all brands put in place and will cause the price tag to increase.

The stitching, Italian leather, zips, and other unique design elements are all checked over before the products abandon the warehouse so that all Gucci items are up to the top quality standard you would expect from this valuable luxury brand.

4. Brand image

After all this time in the fashion industry, Gucci has developed a high-status brand image that is associated with wealthy clients and high society. Many Gucci products are decorated with the Gucci brand name or the double G logo in a prominent place so that very noticeable.

This means that if you are seen in a Gucci product with the instantly recognizable Gucci logo, you must have a strong financial background and be middle to high class. Gucci is associated with wealthy people and so by wearing Gucci products, you are also a part of this group of wealthy people.

Customers want this association and so are willing to pay more so that they can be part of this exclusive group. Also, Gucci has to keep up this exclusivity, so they’ll continue to charge high prices.

5. Exclusivity

Gucci and Gucci customers both want brand exclusivity. Selling luxury goods at a high price point is beneficial for both the brand and customers.

The Italian fashion house doesn’t want everyone to be able to buy their products because they will lose their high status as a top designer brand and association with exclusive products, so they keep their price tags high. While customers want Gucci to remain exclusive so that when they own a Gucci product, they cognize they are a part of a small, select group with high status.

Any limited edition products boost this exclusivity – there is only a certain amount of a design or collaborations made so only very few people will be able to obtain their hands on these items, meaning they are a part of an even more exclusive group.

6. Loyal customers

As one of the top designer brands in the world, Gucci has a faithful customer base. This is displayed by the fact that Gucci, alongside Louis Vuitton, always ranks among the Trendy valuable luxury brands in the fashion world.

High demand for products means the brand can continue to charge a high price because they cognize they have faithful customers that will pay this price tag. There is an enormous consumer desire to buy Gucci items, especially among those aged 18 to 34 years ancient, who actually represent 40% of the traffic on the Gucci website.

Gucci can continue to sell their high-quality products for high prices because they cognize there are a lot of people who want to obtain their hands on a Gucci belt, bag, or shoes.

7. Marketing

What many people do not consider with luxury brands are the marketing costs – this is one of the main reasons why items from luxury fashion labels like Gucci are so expensive.

To advertise in magazines, online, and on billboards all over the world costs millions of dollars each year. Having to spend this much money on clever marketing will increase the overall price of Gucci products.

Top products worth the high price tag

These are all investment pieces that you will obtain years and years of wear from and that will never go out of style – great if you are spending a small bit more and want something that you will love for a lifetime.

1. The GG Marmont Bag

The iconic Gucci GG Marmont collection of bags is just so sophisticated and elegant – as shown by the GG Marmont shoulder bag.

The supple leather has been intricately quilted with curved designs on the body and chevron designs on the front flap, to create an eye-catching design. The bag is then finished off with instantly recognizable antique gold-toned GG hardware.

The chain strap is adjustable so the bag can be worn on the shoulder or across the body for ultimate versatility. Available in a whole range of different color leathers, there is bound to be a variation to suit any style. The Gucci Marmont is a classic, timeless handbag that will be eternally stylish.

2. The Horsebit Bag

If you want a slightly more minimalist design, then the Gucci Horsebit 1955 bag is great for you. Gucci has a long equestrian history, which is where the horsebit hardware, that sits on the front of this bag, comes from.

The gleaming gold horsebit accentuates with silky smooth brown leather – although this bag is also available in multiple different types of leather as well as the incredible GG supreme coated canvas. The interior of the bag has a microfiber lining and is fitted with a zipper pocket and an open pocket to help you remain organized.

The brown leather strap also can be cleverly lengthened to form a crossbody strap, or shortened to create a shoulder bag – just great!

3. The Ace sneakers

There are loads of stunning Gucci shoes that it is so difficult to pick just one to mention in this list, but you can’t go wrong with a versatile pair of sneakers. Everyone needs a white pair of sneakers in their wardrobe, they are the ideal pair of shoes to suit a whole plethora of outfits, from jeans to summer dresses!

The fantastic Ace sneakers quickly became a top seller and we can definitely see why. The white leather is decorated with red and green webbing, which has then been embroidered with a gold bee.

Metallic red and green leather adds interest to the heel of the shoe to create a beautifully timeless pair of sneakers that everyone needs to own!

4. The GG Marmont belt

Gucci belts are famous – the classic designs mixed with a small element of glamour creates the great accessory for any outfit. A black leather belt is a must-have in any wardrobe, so why not obtain your hands on this incredible GG Marmont belt.

The buttery soft black leather is embellished with the shiny gold double G logo that is also seen on the Marmont bags. The 1-inch think belt means it will fit perfectly through any jeans belt loops or can be used to cinch in the waist of your favorite black dress, and add a small extra sparkle!

The belt is only $480, which is not so expensive for a Gucci investment piece, don’t you think?

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