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Jimmy Choo and Louboutin are perhaps two of the Trendy famous shoe brands in the world – but what are the differences between the two? This article is here to help you answer how Jimmy Choo vs Louboutin compare.

There is a whole range of world-renowned luxury shoe brands that everyone has heard of, including Manolo Blahnik, Stuart Weitzman, Roger Vivier, Giuseppe Zanotti, and Nicholas Kirkwood, but Jimmy Choo and Christian Louboutin are perhaps two of the top known.

These brands have appeared on the red carpet and featured on the feet of celebrities and royalty for decades. They both also propose a wide range of different shoes, from the Trendy casual slides to the Trendy glamorous and opulent high heels – making it very difficult to select between the two.

This Jimmy Choo vs Louboutin article is here to help you out – with a history of the two brands, an exploration of their differences, and a comparison of different shoes they propose, we will finally arrive to a conclusion which brand might be the right one for you.

Jimmy Choo vs Louboutin

The History of Jimmy Choo

Jimmy Choo, a Malaysian designer of Chinese descent, co-founded his namesake brand in 1996 after graduating from the London College of Fashion in the 1980s. His father was also a shoemaker and Choo made his first pair of shoes, a pair of slippers, at age 11 in his father’s workshop.

Choo refined his craft at two design companies before he branched out on his own and opened his first store. His designs were noticed at London Fashion Week and Jimmy Choo’s shoes received an eight-page spread in Vogue.

This exposure brought him further success and soon Diana, Princess of Wales was a customer in the early 1990s. After this success, Choo began Jimmy Choo Ltd with British Vogue accessories editor Tamara Mellon.

Since then, the brand has continued to grow and has received worldwide success, with its incredible shoes stocked in over 200 stores all over the world.

The history of Louboutin

French fashion designer, Christian Louboutin first began his career as a freelance designer for famous fashion designers before he launched his own company.

Louboutin came to Paris in 1981 with a portfolio of sketches of shoes. After interning at Roger Vivier, Louboutin served as a freelance designer, creating shoes for Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent.

After a brief time spent as a gardener in the late 1980s, he missed creating lovely shoes and so set up his namesake company in 1991. Princess of Caroline of Monaco was his first customer and so the brand quickly grew.

Louboutin is credited with helping to bring back stilettos into fashion in the late 1990s and 2000s, while his red-soled heels have become world-renowned.

Christian Louboutin felt his shoes lacked energy and so he grabbed his assistant’s red nail polish and began to paint the sole of a pair of shoes – and so the famous red soles were born.

Now Christian Louboutin is stocked worldwide, with celebrity fans often spotted wearing Louboutin heels.

the differences between Jimmy Choo and Louboutin

There are several similarities between these two brands, such as similar top quality craftsmanship and the use of luxurious materials – the top Italian leathers being a popular choice for both brands.

But it is the differences between the brands that we must focus on to help arrive to a decision on Jimmy Choo vs Louboutin.

1. Brand Awareness

Both brands have long and illustrious reputations, but there is one that perhaps outranks the other. One could argue that Christian Louboutin is more famous and therefore the brand has a more significant reputation.

The red soles of Louboutin heels are seen on the red carpet during awards season and as well as in the pictures of celebrities on their wedding day – making them an even more desirable shoe.

The red soles are also incredibly distinctive and instantly recognizable, so anyone can instantly recognize that they are incredible Louboutin heels.

Although, Louboutin high heels in particular have a reputation for being a small more uncomfortable. Christian Louboutin himself has said that for him the look and style are the Trendy important elements.

Jimmy Choo, on the other hand, is known for stylish as well as comfortable shoes. The soles are often more padded, with more supple leather around the toes and heel to ensure a more comfortable fit so that you can obtain hours of wear out of your Jimmy Choo shoes.

2. Brand Aesthetic

While both Louboutin and Jimmy Choo shoes arrive in many different styles, the brands definitely have different aesthetics that they are known for.

Jimmy Choo is perhaps Trendy famous for its bridal shoe collection and range of sparkly party shoes, and the rest of the brand’s offerings are of similar ilk: almost all of the shoes are elegant and sophisticated.

On the other hand, while Louboutin is top known for its alluring stilettos with red soles, the brand is also well known to conclude spikes and more badass design elements in its shoes. Many of the brand’s shoes embody this rocker-chic aesthetic.

3. Price range

The price ranges from both brands are pretty similar. Louboutin offers a few more expensive shoes, with price tags ranging from $350 to $4,895, while Jimmy Choo is marginally more affordable, with shoes available between $250 and $3,125.

So if you are constrained with a small more of a budget, it may be better to check out the Jimmy Choo brand first.

Our top picks from Jimmy Choo Vs Louboutin

There are tons of Jimmy Choo and Christian Louboutin shoes to select from so it’s very difficult to narrow down the selection and pick out just a few shoes.

Below, we’ve featured just a few shoes from each brand that we love, but there are also lots of sneakers, wedges, block heels, and long boots available that we recommend checking out.

1. high heels

Both brands have a whole plethora of different high heels to select from, and here are just two that we think are completely lovely.

The neutral color and glamourous design of the Jimmy Choo Sacora heels mean they will suit a wide range of evening looks.

The white leather forms a delicate ankle strap, while around the toes is a pleated, gauzy fabric that joins in the middle with an oversized pearl, for a luxurious terminate. The peep-toe of the heels adds an elegant touch.

These heels would also make the great bridal shoes if you are looking for something with sophisticated simplicity.

The Louboutin Pigalle Follies were first added to the collection in 2004 and instantly became a favorite style. They have been played around with and reinvented many times, but the 100mm versions are the ultimate classics.

The high gloss black patent leather contrasts perfectly with the iconic Louboutin red soles. Available for $745, these heels are a timeless style and will suit any outfit, from work to an evening out – everyone needs a pair of Pigalle Follies in their collection.

2. sandals

Coming into the warmer months, we need to check the sandals these expensive shoe brands have to propose. So here are two elegant styles that will elevate any holiday look.

These simple but stunning Jimmy Choo Narisa Knotted flats are the great summer sandal. A minimalist design that will be eternally stylish, the knotted leather adds fantastic, sumptuous detail to these flats.

The slider-style means they can be slipped on and off easily while the rubber soles are totally practical and comfortable. All for $475!

The Christian Louboutin Simplina Me flat sandals are just as fantastic, it makes it difficult to decide between these two options! The square toe adds a sophisticated touch, while the crossover and toe loop guarantee comfort and style.

Made from patent calf leather, with a high shine – these sandals will look incredible in the summer sun. Available in both black and white, there is bound to be a version that suits anyone’s summer style.

3. ankle boots

A good pair of ankle boots are essential in any wardrobe – super versatile shoes, they are a must-have all year round.

These Jimmy Choo Baku Pointed Toe Wedge Booties have a small unique twist on the traditional black boot. Made from Italian Nappa leather, these boots feature a super pointy toe and a sculptural wedge heel.

The design of the booties means that the boot and the wedge heel blend together to create a distinctive curved look. The heel height is 3 3/4” – a great striking look, but the wedge ensures they are comfortable too.

The Christian Louboutin options are a small more traditional – a classic, timeless style that is eternally fashionable. The tapered rounded toe and chunky block heel ensure a sleek comfortable terminate, while the slender shape and low ankle boot style add a feminine edge.

The black calf leather has a lovely shine to it and will stand the test of time. As with all Louboutin shoes, they propose half sizes as well as whole numbers to guarantee the great fit.


Both Jimmy Choo and Louboutin create incredible shoes that are utterly stunning and so it’s a difficult decision to select between the two.

If you are after that iconic, instantly recognizable red sole, then you have to select Louboutin – there are no other heels like them, and you will automatically feel glamourous when you are wearing them.

If you do not need your shoes to be instantly recognizable on the street and comfort is what you are looking for, then Jimmy Choo is the clear winner – their heels in particular are known for their comfort.

We anticipate you enjoyed this analysis of Jimmy Choo vs Louboutin! For more luxury fashion content, check out the posts below.

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