Here’s What To Wear With A Pleated Skirt: Spring Fashion Tips

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Spring fashion is in full force! Today, we put together a style guide on what to wear with a pleated skirt that we think you’ll adore.

A pleated skirt is a great piece to add to your spring wardrobe. It’s versatile and can be dressed up or down, depending on what you pair it with. In this article, we will give you some tips on what to wear with a pleated skirt to help you look your top this season!

Types Of Pleats

Before we dive in, it helps to cognize the different types of pleats for skirts. The Trendy common one is the regular pleat, which is Trendy often used for short skirts. It has a pressed and tucked characteristic which can be seen on tennis skirts and this is especially popular to wear in the summer season for a preppy look.

Knife pleats are another common style: these skirts are characterized by narrow pleats that go in one direction. This is to give the wearer a slender and classy look.

Lastly, accordion pleats are very popular on midi length and maxi skirts. These pleats often resemble an accordion with a zig-zag pattern. This is to give the wearer a feminine look and is a great choice to wear on date night.

Now that we’ve talked about the different types of pleats, let’s move straight on to the top tops to wear with your pleated skirt! We’ve also included some great outfit ideas below for you to obtain inspired by.

What To Wear With Pleated Skirts

1. Cami Tops

A cami top is the top option to pair with your pleated skirt if you want to show a small skin. This simple top is a classic piece and a great way to keep cool in the spring weather. We especially love cami tops with accordion-style midi skirts with a high waist, like pictured above.

Pairing a pleated skirt with a cami top (alternatively, a lace top)and some high heels or white sneakers is the great way to stay cool and stylish this spring! This skirt is also good to wear to formal events.

If you feel like you may obtain cold, cast on a long coat for maximum style points. Alternatively, you can also opt for a blazer, a leather jacket or a denim jacket for a more casual vibe.

2. Plain Tees

A plain tee is a great option for a more casual look. You can tuck it in or abandon it out, depending on your style. Tying your tee into a front knot is another Sweet styling idea everyone should try at least once!

Opting for a simple tee is a great option if you’re going to be doing a lot of walking or if you just want to feel comfortable all day. Simply put, it’s the ideal choice for casual everyday wear.

Plus, you can pair your plain tee with any style of pleated skirt that there is! For a stylish outfit, you can also layer with a black leather jacket and a pair of ankle boots.

3. Graphic Tees

A graphic t-shirt is a great way to show off your personality. If you want to make a statement, this is the way to do it! You can find a graphic tee that represents your favorite band, TV show, or movie.

Be sure to select a tee that represents what you love so you can feel confident and stylish all spring long! You can wear this with both a long pleated skirt or a mini skirt – the choice is yours.

4. Statement Tops

If you’re looking to wear your pleated skirt to a kind dinner, a party, or just to impress, statement tops like the one featured above work wonderfully well.

You can opt for feminine shirts with ruffles, or a lovely top with a bedazzled neckline, for example. Just make sure to match your bag to your outfit, and don’t go too crazy with accessories – let your top do the talking, instead!

5. Sweaters

A sweater is a great option for cooler weather. For a Sweet spring look that’s also appropriate for church, simply wear a fitted sweater with a maxi or a midi-length skirt.

Alternatively, you can opt for a sweater that has a bit of a looser fit, and tuck it inside your hem. If not, you can also tuck the oversized sweater inside a sports bra underneath your sweater – this is a fashion hack that recently went viral on Tik Tok!

To complete your whole look, wear a pair of ankle boots or high heels.

6. Feminine Tops

For an ultra-feminine vibe, we suggest opting for dressier tops like this one with a sweetheart neckline.

This style is great for spring and summer, and it’s a Sweet look that you can wear from the beach straight to dinner on a resort holiday!

7. Button Down Shirts

A button down shirt is a great option if you want to dress up your look. You can abandon it untucked for a more casual vibe, or tuck it in and add a waist belt for a more polished look.

You can select any color of shirt to wear, but we are partial to the classic white button-down shirt.

For a chic Parisian vibe, we recommend wearing a white midi-length pleated skirt, a white tucked-in button down shirt, and white shoes for a monochromatic look. Don’t forget your oversized sunglasses!

8. Tank Tops

Pairing a pleated skirt with a tank top is a chic look to stay cool this spring! It’s lightweight and airy, which makes it great if you’re feeling a small hot. You can also dress it up or down, depending on what you pair it with.

We love the look of tank tops with shorter pleated skirts – they give off a slightly athletic, preppy tennis aesthetic vibe.

If you need an extra layer, cast on a cardigan or jacket and you’re good to go.

9. Turtlenecks/High-Necks

A turtleneck is a great way to keep warm in the colder months. This one is a classic fall look, and you can never go wrong with this combination!

Simply wear a black top, a mini pleated plaid skirt, and a pair of knee-high boots.

10. Blazers

Blazers are a classic wardrobe staple and it’s not surprising that they look good with pleated skirts, too. It’s the great look for the office, and can be worn year-round.

We especially love monochromatic outfits where the blazer and the skirt have the same tones.

11. Blouses

If you’re after an office look that is a small bit more feminine than a blazer, a blouse is your top bet.

You can opt for simple white silk blouses, sheer versions (of course with a camisole underneath), or even a statement blouse like the one featured above.

Finish this look with a pair of loafers, ballet flats or comfortable kitten heels that you won’t mind wearing until the end of the day.

12. Polo Shirts (With Mini Skirts)

A polo shirt is a great option if you want to go for a more sporty, preppy look. It’s a great way to keep cool in the spring weather, and it’s a Sweet look for golf or tennis (or if you just want to look like you’re into golf and tennis).

Wear this one with a pleated mini skirt, a pair of tennis shoes, and a cap to protect yourself from the sun.


As you can see, there are many different ways that you can style a pleated skirt. Be sure to experiment with different looks until you find one that you love! We anticipate these tips were helpful and that you enjoy rocking your modern pleated skirt this spring and beyond.

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