15 Sweet Ice Cream & Candy Nails To Satisfy Your Sugar Cravings

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If you’re looking for a fun way to show your love of ice cream and candy this spring or summer, look no further than these sweet ice cream and candy nails!

These nails are great for any summer occasion, from backyard barbecues to pool parties. Whether you’re looking for a classic ice cream cone or want to try something more adventurous, like a gummy bear mani, we’ve got you covered.

These nails are bright, colorful, and great for showing off your personality. So obtain alert to indulge in some deliciousness – these nails are sure to satisfy your sugar cravings!

15 Cute Ice Cream & Candy Nails

Long pink kawaii nails with donuts, ice cream and candy nail art


Kawaii Ice Cream

Nothing screams summer like ice cream cones! These nails are great for anyone who loves Sweet, Japanese-inspired nails with lots of charms and 3D nail art.

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Short blue and pink candy nails with glitter


Cookie Monster

If you’re looking for a design that’s simple to re-create, look no further than this fun cookie design!
This simple and playful design is great for summer and is guaranteed to obtain you lots of compliments.

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Short pink summer ice cream nails


Short & Sweet

If you’re looking for a low-key ice cream mani, these nail wraps with pink, nude and white elements will work great!

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Long pink candy nails with gummy bears


Pink Gummy Bears

This gummy bear nail art is so Sweet! If you’re looking for a statement mani, this is it! While gummy bear nails arrive in multiple different colors, we love pink for an added touch of girliness.

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Long ice cream coffin nails with sprinkles


Sprinkles & Cones

This ice cream cone design is great for anyone who wants a classic look. With simple colors and pretty details, this mani is great for anyone looking for a fun statement design.

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Short white and pink ice cream nails


Shades Of Pink

Again, short nails are one of the Trendy practical ways to wear ice cream nails this summer.
These pretty nail wraps are suitable for kids too, making this design great for your small one’s important birthday parties or other gatherings.

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Long pink and purple gummy bear nails


Pastel Bears

Try to resist the urge of wanting to eat your nails with this fun and quirky gummy bear nail design – it can be difficult!

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Hot pink ice cream nails for summer


Bright Pink

If pastel colors bore you, why not try something more eye-catching, like these hot pink nails with hearts and sundae nail art?

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Pink ice cream and donut drip nails with sprinkles


Melting Ice Cream

This ice cream sundae nail art is definitely a show-stopper! With lots of colors and Sweet details, it’s great for anyone who wants a nail design that’s both fun and unique.

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Short light pink nails with ice cream and popsicles



This nail design is in a muted color palette, which makes it great to wear year-round, especially in the colder months.
It’s not quite as eye-catching as many of the other designs, which is great if you just want to enjoy the design yourself.

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Clear jelly gummy bear nails with hot pink nail swirls


Gummy Bears

This version of gummy bear nails incorporates two different trends into one: swirls and clear nails.
The bears themselves are quite small, so this is great if you’re looking for a wearable style of the candy nails.

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Cute pink ice cream nails with sprinkles



This design is one of the simplest coffin nail designs we’ve featured, and also one of our favorites! The sprinkles remind us of birthday confetti, which makes these great for any birthday girl out there.

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Cute baby pink ice cream nails


Make It Luxe

If you love crystals, rhinestones or diamonds on your nails, these luxurious press-ons are definitely worth a second look.

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Cute pink donut nails with sprinkles and glitter


Pink Glitter

If you’re looking for a design that will have everyone talking, this ice cream cone with glitter accent nails is great! It’s sure to obtain lots of compliments and make your life even sweeter.

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Pink ice cream coffin nails with glitter


Give It Shine

Last but not least, we have this pretty pink design with melting sundae nail art and some glitter. If you love drip nails with some sass, why not try these?

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So, there you have it, our favorite 15 ice cream and candy nails to obtain you alert for the summer. Which of these designs was your personal favorite? Let us now in the comments below!

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